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Exterior wood begins to deteriorate as soon as it's exposed to the elements, BUT it can last virtually forever when properly cared for.


My name is Lyn Parrott. As the great-grandson of a 19th century wood furniture craftsman, I've been perfecting the art of exterior wood preservation since I was twelve years old.


Consider this: A deteriorating paint coat allows moisture to penetrate the wood that it is supposed to protect. The remaining paint slows evaporation and accelerates decay. So a poor paint job is more destructive to wood than no paint.


I make exterior wood look great and last!


This Gallery shows some different examples the effects of Paint vs the effects of Oil...



This 16 inch column was painted only 30 months ago. It’s decaying everywhere under the paint. Scottsdale, AZ.

Exterior members are saturated with oil for long life.

This painted door jamb is only 15 years old and has already rotted. It would be solid and sound if it had been treated with an oil and wood preservative prior to priming and painting. When the rotten section is cut out, the new piece will be oiled and preserved before painting.

The ends of this gate receive 15 to 20 coats of oil to seal out water and prevent decay.

This rafter is so decayed that there is rot in the beam’s core. Prevention costs one-tenth the cost of repair, but the prevention period ended 10 years ago.

Lyn Parrott working on eleven foot high doors.

Bottom of Office Door – Direct sunlight dried out the natural oil that is in all wood. We couldn’t reverse the damage but we were able to halt the destruction of this costly door. – Before

Bottom of Office Door – This is after sanding and in the process of adding the oil. – Midway

Furniture - Before

Furniture - After

This laminated 6X16″ beam could have lasted hundreds of years if it had been treated occasionally. It’s only 16 years old. Estimated repair cost: over $10,000

This 14″ laminate beam is 30 years old. At this moment, I’ve applied 12 coats of oil to the end. The dark lines on this side view show that oil has wicked back into the wood almost 4 inches.


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Anne Marie Fitness, Community Manager, Whisper Rock Estates Community Association

I would like to say thank you for the work you did on our buildings. Your work is truly an art.

Thank you again for all your efforts. If you have a business card we would be happy to refer you to our residents.

Michael Owens

Lyn, you did a terrific job at our house. Your attention to every detail and preparation was very professional. We’ll see you again I’m sure! Thanks to Anne Marie for recommending you.

Michael Owens


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