Wood Rescue
Wood Rescue
  • Wood Rescue -- Keep your exterior wood young and beautiful 1,000 years.

    Wood Rescue Blog

    This section is dedicated to the preservation of already  harvested wood  so that living trees can reach maturity. 


    That's Gene Brooks making wood Beautiful and Ageless!

    This  south-facing gate was 10 years old when we sanded and oiled it. It's now been eight years since we oiled it and it still looks great. 

    Oiled wood lasts for centuries.

    "A stitch in time saves nine." 

    Heat and low humidity are especially hard on wood, especially exterior wood.  
    Tearing out decayed wood and replacing it is expensive-- often runing 10 to 20 times the cost of occasional care and maintenance. 

    Wood that looks cared for says that you care about your home, business and the environment. 

    Rescue or Replace?

    Slow, naturally grown wood is rapidly disappearing.  It's often impossible to find a match for wood that was available 20 years ago. 

    Often, lumber comes from tree farms. Old growth lumber is hard to find if you can find it at all. 

    You save money and forests when you preserve what you have!  

    We've been preserving wood and saving people money for three generations.